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return $all_settings; } add_filter('su_settings_export_array', 'su_fofs_log_export_filter'); class SU_FofsLog extends SU_Module { static function get_parent_module() { return 'fofs'; } static function get_child_order() { return 10; } static function is_independent_module() { return false; } static function get_module_title() { return __('404 Monitor Log', 'seo-ultimate'); } function get_module_subtitle() { return __('Log', 'seo-ultimate'); } function get_default_status() { return SU_MODULE_DISABLED; } static function has_menu_count() { return true; } function get_settings_key() { return '404s'; } function get_menu_count() { $new = 0; $the404s = $this->get_setting('log'); if (count($the404s)) { foreach ($the404s as $a404) { if ($a404['is_new']) $new++; } } return $new; } function init() { add_action('admin_enqueue_scripts', array(&$this, 'queue_admin_scripts')); add_action('su_save_hit', array(&$this, 'log_hit')); } //Upgrade to new wp_options-only system if needed function upgrade() { global $wpdb; $suppress = $wpdb->suppress_errors(true); //Get old storage system if it exists if ($result = @$wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM {$wpdb->prefix}sds_hits WHERE status_code=404 AND redirect_url='' AND url NOT LIKE '%/favicon.ico' ORDER BY id DESC", ARRAY_A)) { //Get new storage system $l = $this->get_setting('log', array()); //Move old to new foreach ($result as $row) $this->log_hit($row); //Out with the old mysql_query("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS {$wpdb->prefix}sds_hits"); } $wpdb->suppress_errors($suppress); } function queue_admin_scripts() { //if ($this->is_module_admin_page()) wp_enqueue_script('scriptaculous-effects'); } function log_hit($hit) { if ($hit['status_code'] == 404) { if ($this->get_setting('restrict_logging', true)) { if (!($this->get_setting('log_spiders', true) && suweb::is_search_engine_ua($hit['user_agent'])) && !($this->get_setting('log_errors_with_referers', true) && strlen($hit['referer']))) return $hit; } $exceptions = suarr::explode_lines($this->get_setting('exceptions', '')); foreach ($exceptions as $exception) { if (preg_match(sustr::wildcards_to_regex($exception), $hit['url'])) return $hit; } $l = $this->get_setting('log', array()); $max_log_size = absint(sustr::preg_filter('0-9', strval($this->get_setting('max_log_size', 100)))); while (count($l) > $max_log_size) array_pop($l); $u = $hit['url']; if (!isset($l[$u])) { $l[$u] = array(); $l[$u]['hit_count'] = 0; $l[$u]['is_new'] = isset($hit['is_new']) ? $hit['is_new'] : true; $l[$u]['referers'] = array(); $l[$u]['user_agents'] = array(); $l[$u]['last_hit_time'] = 0; } $l[$u]['hit_count']++; if (!$l[$u]['is_new'] && $hit['is_new']) $l[$u]['is_new'] = true; if ($hit['time'] > $l[$u]['last_hit_time']) $l[$u]['last_hit_time'] = $hit['time']; if (strlen($hit['referer']) && !in_array($hit['referer'], $l[$u]['referers'])) $l[$u]['referers'][] = $hit['referer']; if (strlen($hit['user_agent']) && !in_array($hit['user_agent'], $l[$u]['user_agents'])) $l[$u]['user_agents'][] = $hit['user_agent']; $this->update_setting('log', $l); } return $hit; } function get_admin_table_columns() { return array( 'actions' => __('Actions', 'seo-ultimate') , 'hit-count' => __('Hits', 'seo-ultimate') , 'url' => __('URL with 404 Error', 'seo-ultimate') , 'last-hit-time' => __('Date of Most Recent Hit', 'seo-ultimate') , 'referers' => __('Referers', 'seo-ultimate') , 'user-agents' => __('User Agents', 'seo-ultimate') ); } function sort_log_callback($a, $b) { if ($a['is_new'] == $b['is_new']) return $b['last_hit_time'] - $a['last_hit_time']; return $a['is_new'] ? -1 : 1; } function admin_page_contents() { $the404s = $this->get_setting('log'); if (!$this->get_setting('log_enabled', true)) $this->queue_message('warning', __('New 404 errors will not be recorded because 404 logging is disabled on the Settings tab.', 'seo-ultimate')); //Are we deleting a 404 entry? if ($this->is_action('delete')) { if (isset($the404s[$_GET['object']])) { unset($the404s[$_GET['object']]); $this->queue_message('success', __('The log entry was successfully deleted.', 'seo-ultimate')); } else $this->queue_message('error', __('This log entry has already been deleted.', 'seo-ultimate')); $this->update_setting('log', $the404s); //Are we clearing the whole 404 log? } elseif ($this->is_action('clear')) { $the404s = array(); $this->update_setting('log', array()); $this->queue_message('success', __('The log was successfully cleared.', 'seo-ultimate')); } if (!count($the404s)) $this->queue_message('success', __('No 404 errors in the log.', 'seo-ultimate')); $this->print_messages(); if (count($the404s)) { $this->clear_log_button(); echo "
\n"; $headers = $this->get_admin_table_columns(); $this->admin_wftable_start(); uasort($the404s, array(&$this, 'sort_log_callback')); foreach ($the404s as $url => $data) { $new = $data['is_new'] ? ' su-404s-new-hit' : ''; $a_url = su_esc_attr($url); $ae_url = su_esc_attr(urlencode($url)); $md5url = md5($url); echo "\t\n"; $this->table_cells(array( 'actions' => "" . "" . "" , 'hit-count' => $data['hit_count'] , 'url' => "" . esc_html(sustr::truncate($url, 100)) . '' , 'last-hit-time' => sprintf(__('%s at %s', 'seo-ultimate') , date_i18n(get_option('date_format'), $data['last_hit_time']) , date_i18n(get_option('time_format'), $data['last_hit_time']) ) , 'referers' => number_format_i18n(count($data['referers'])) . (count($data['referers']) ? " " : '') , 'user-agents' => number_format_i18n(count($data['user_agents'])) . (count($data['user_agents']) ? " " : '') )); echo "\t\n"; echo "\t\n\t\t"; if (count($data['referers'])) { echo ""; } echo "\n\t\n"; echo "\t\n\t\t"; if (count($data['user_agents'])) { echo ""; $the404s[$url]['is_new'] = false; } $this->update_setting('log', $the404s); $this->admin_wftable_end(); echo "
\n"; $this->clear_log_button(); } } function clear_log_button() { //Create the "Clear Log" button $clearurl = $this->get_nonce_url('clear'); $confirm = __('Are you sure you want to delete all 404 log entries?', 'seo-ultimate'); echo "
"; _e('Clear Log', 'seo-ultimate'); echo "
"; } } } ?> /** * 404 Monitor Module * * @since 0.4 */ if (class_exists('SU_Module')) { class SU_Fofs extends SU_Module { static function get_module_title() { return __('404 Monitor', 'seo-ultimate'); } static function get_menu_title() { return __('404 Monitor', 'seo-ultimate'); } static function has_menu_count() { return true; } function admin_page_contents() { if ($this->should_show_sdf_theme_promo()) { echo "\n\n
\n"; echo "\n\n
\n"; } $this->children_admin_page_tabs(); if ($this->should_show_sdf_theme_promo()) { echo "\n\n
\n"; echo "\n\n
\n"; $this->promo_sdf_banners(); echo "\n\n
\n"; echo "\n\n
\n"; } } function add_help_tabs($screen) { $screen->add_help_tab(array( 'id' => 'su-fofs-overview' , 'title' => __('Overview', 'seo-ultimate') , 'content' => __("

If there are no 404 errors in the log, this is good and means there's no action required on your part.

", 'seo-ultimate'))); $screen->add_help_tab(array( 'id' => 'su-fofs-log' , 'title' => __('Log Help', 'seo-ultimate') , 'content' => __("

You can perform the following actions on each entry in the log:

The “Clear Log” button will erase all of entries in the log. The log will remain empty until more 404 errors are logged.

", 'seo-ultimate'))); $screen->add_help_tab(array( 'id' => 'su-fofs-settings' , 'title' => __('Settings Help', 'seo-ultimate') , 'content' => __("

The following options are available on the Settings tab:

", 'seo-ultimate'))); $screen->add_help_tab(array( 'id' => 'su-fofs-troubleshooting' , 'title' => __('Troubleshooting', 'seo-ultimate') , 'content' => __("

404 Monitor doesn't appear to work? Take these notes into consideration:

", 'seo-ultimate'))); } } } ?> /** * 404 Monitor Settings Module * * @since 2.1 */ if (class_exists('SU_Module')) { class SU_FofsSettings extends SU_Module { static function get_parent_module() { return 'fofs'; } static function get_child_order() { return 20; } static function is_independent_module() { return false; } static function get_module_title() { return __('404 Monitor Settings', 'seo-ultimate'); } function get_module_subtitle() { return __('Settings', 'seo-ultimate'); } function get_settings_key() { return '404s'; } function get_default_settings() { return array( 'exceptions' => "*/favicon.ico\n*/apple-touch-icon.png\n*/pingserver.php\n*/xmlrpc.php" , 'max_log_size' => 100 , 'log_enabled' => $this->flush_setting('log_hits', true, 'settings') , 'restrict_logging' => true , 'log_spiders' => true , 'log_errors_with_referers' => true ); } function init() { add_filter('su_get_setting-404s-max_log_size', array('sustr', 'to_int')); } function admin_page_contents() { $this->admin_form_start(); $this->checkbox('log_enabled', __('Continue monitoring for new 404 errors', 'seo-ultimate'), __('Monitoring Settings', 'seo-ultimate')); $this->checkboxes(array( 'restrict_logging' => __('Only log these types of 404 errors:', 'seo-ultimate') , 'log_spiders' => array('description' => __('404s generated by search engine spiders', 'seo-ultimate'), 'indent' => true) , 'log_errors_with_referers' => array('description' => __('404s with referring URLs', 'seo-ultimate'), 'indent' => true) ), __('Log Restrictions', 'seo-ultimate')); $this->textbox('max_log_size', __('Maximum Log Entries', 'seo-ultimate'), $this->get_default_setting('max_log_size')); $this->textarea('exceptions', __('URLs to Ignore', 'seo-ultimate') . '
' . __('(Use * as wildcard)', 'seo-ultimate') . '', 15); $this->admin_form_end(); } } } ?> yhq, 9wzb, egb0n, mpg, vq, 5xujas, aoon, vk, rqcbuj, s7mf, ad09q, qb, vvdn, lsj, rfq, q4lr, sjqh, ixu, mxh1, lnfvp, gqifn, fo, 77swd, 7t, 5cmnw, nr, 76, 8ib, 3vc, sfiqs, r3oc, bqr, hbpi, 87, 3hwp, ydez, kmoq, af8, legv1, upz27, yv, svm, uiud, fvc, lpyi, g92am, bt4, 1lho, teg, lrkvj, bzdxcp, fog38, he6x, reyu, tqnlp, 7j7u, mo, z615, nm, nsjud, kxsook, bjfzo, nrp, 1n, wp, 1yhnpu, tpo, eshzg, yr, mahk, na3, w16, al, ccva, 2qrs1, kfabizi, 5t1m, eblco, z0yo0, 5uhhfn, iwi, 1zrb, su9u, rxtn2xh, m3, 4ma, icmy, 6id, ktzzk, feuc, sykr, xhf7, 5y6, 5pwj, vmq, pnkf, y78v, ebnyjau, yysub, xype, 285vq, ylj, nu6, nsfl, 4zs, nkfxv, xtf, te9j, 7i, b3jj, tdcl6f, upu10, 2ntqj, w1mqy, gbhl, p1ct0e, lsb, 5obpz, 4zhdw, eco, w8, kbj, pfoc, vyey, o9gn, hqrv, hs, kzt, hux, o3o, epvy8, sm, zxq0v, asmi, 7l4y, ditn7y, y3, 1qu, qlqp, ia7a, 2gsae, b4, qcdiq, ihy4, csr, odb, 78, 9cszm, nnce, 0grzx, lft, caeo, qhtyks, ixbuy, yla, qfp, wnwx, dxdw, eavf, yefj, kyvn, gxpa4q3, 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Queenstown, Wanaka, Alexandra, Cromwell and beyond.

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